Ennis Flea Market 2019


We are looking for great local vendors for our markets in the areas of arts, crafts and handmade, antiques, vintage and collectibles, food and drink, and more!

Thank you for your interest in the Ennis Flea Market. To be taken to the application page,  please read and agree to the rules and regulations below. 


2nd and 4th saturdays June- august

June 15 | June 22 | July 13 | July 27 | August 10 | August 24 

***Rain or Shine!***


Ennis Antique Mall Main Street Ennis, Montana

PO Box 2833 Ennis, MT 59745  | 406.682.3775 | [email protected]



Registration Fees

12X10 Booth  $38

Trailer / Vehicle spots $53/

We have Foundation, 501C3, or Community Spots available for free- Please continue with the application!


We do not provide tables, chairs, tents, or internet access. Please bring what you need to the flea. There is extremely limited access to electricity and it is primarily reserved for food vendors. If you must have electric (and cannot bring a generator) please indicate that in your application.


We ask for your social media handles and product images, not only to jury your application, but so that we can post online and on our social media accounts once you’ve been accepted. Please make sure that your Facebook and Instagram accounts are up to date with some of the goods you’ll be offering at the show! Link to the Facebook page with photos a description of your company and/or what you will be selling to draw people to the event! And please add our Facebook events to your page once they go live. Invite, promote, repeat!


Market Regulations

The fee is NOT refundable.

If not checked in and set up by 8 AM, space may be re-sold to the waitlist.                                                                                                                                                                                        A vendor CANNOT give their booth away! ONLY the Market Directors have the right to reassign booths.

Parking directions will be provided by the Market Manager upon check-in. Parking is on a first come, first served basis.

4. SET-UP:
You are responsible for your own display (Tent, Tables and chairs are not supplied).  Please Note: Tents MUST be weighted (Ennis is windy!)
Vendors are not allowed to arrive at the Market place before 6:30 AM.
Enter or Exit the Market Area from the Entrance only designated to you by the Market Management. Cars are only allowed in the Market designated area to drive to your booth & unload.
All cars should be turned off while loading or unloading. Do not park in the middle of the aisles. Be courteous to others that have to get by. Vehicles are not allowed to enter past 8:30 AM. Any infraction will be considered a strike against returning.
Check-in by 7:30 AM (or earlier) with a Market Representative assisting with load-in or at the Market INFO Booth. If booth isn’t set up by 8AM, space may be resold to waitlist. 

The Market ends at 2:00 PM. NO driving allowed in the Market Area prior to 2:15 PM. This allows patrons to have time to exit the Market Area.
Your both must be packed, stacked and loaded before you turn on your vehicle.
Each vendor is responsible to clean up any waste around their booth area leaving it cleaner than when they arrived.

Health Department Regulations at this Market apply to ALL vendors.
You are required to fill out a “Farmers’ Market Health Form” from the Gallatin County Health Department. After receiving confirmation from the Health Dept., you will be able to register with the Ennis Flea Market. Please Upload it as part of your application. Always carry a copy of the form or food service license and make it available on-site at the Market. PLEASE CONTACT the Health Dept. FOR THIS FORM! Gallatin City-County Health Department @ (406) 582-3120                                                                                                         Proof of Insurance is required for food vendors. 

7. Products and Services Prohibited by Market Policy
Counterfeit Goods
Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
Explicit Sexual Materials
Mass produced jewelry
Mass produced souvenirs
Tobacco and smoking related products

Dogs are allowed in the market, but have to be on leashes. Vendors are NOT allowed to bring their dogs.
ONLY Whisper Quiet Generators are allowed & ONLY upon Market Approval!                                                                                                                                                                                   Bathrooms are located it the Lion’s Club Park across the street. 

Market will proceed rain or shine. If you choose not to attend, market fees are non-refundable. If you choose not to attend, please notify the Market. 

Most importantly, please be kind and courteous to others. 


I have ACTUALLY read and agree to the above rules and regulations.

I have ACTUALLY read and agree to the above rules and regulations.

I understand the setup and tear down times and agree to follow them.

I agree to be kind and respectful to other vendors and market staff.

I understand that the market will proceed rain or shine and that market fees are non refundable.